The Wolf of West Georgia University goes digital with AEQ FORUM! 27/06/2012

The Wolf of West Georgia University goes digital with AEQ FORUM!

"The Wolf" Radio changed their AEQ BRAVO audio mixing console to an AEQ FORUM compact digital audio mixing console.

Carrolton, June 2012
University of West Georgia is located in Carrollton, close to Atlanta. The university counts on a “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communications” and “The WOLF” is the radio laboratory for this prestigious educational program.

The WOLF Internet Radio is the University of West Georgia's very own radio station run “For Students, By Students.” Founded by Dr. Brad Yates in 2009 through a Technology Fee grant, The WOLF officially launched to the public April 21, 2010 through the efforts of students in COMM 4421-Radio Practicum and other volunteers.  The WOLF is an experiential learning lab for students majoring and minoring in Communications and other fields. The WOLF is committed to quality radio programming for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and the University of West Georgia community.
The WOLF inaugurated a little over two years ago with an analog AEQ BRAVO mixer. The station decided to upgrade technology-wise and opted for going digital. Trusting once again AEQ technology, “The Wolf” decided to install the AEQ FORUM by themselves and were impressed by the ease of installation and configuration. The leap forward in audio quality has also been very noticeable.

Chris Adamson, Program Director at “The Wolf” said:

"We have received the board and it looks great! We are still in the process of having it installed. It is partially installed but we still have some things to hook up. It is working fantastic, and we are more than pleased of the sound quality we have gained over the Bravo we have been using previously. We sound like a completely different station!"

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