Visit us at IBC 2016 31/08/2016

Visit us at IBC 2016


AEQ latest products at IBC 2016


It´s Showtime! September is here and as every year we are ready to attend the biggest Broadcast Show in Europe with our latest products. We hope to see you there and share with you all our enthusiasm for the new innovations that will come.  

IBC Stand: 8C55 

NEW FORUM IP SPLIT. Digital broadcast console. 

AEQ’s FORUM digital consoles have been a great solution for broadcasters since 2010. The incorporation of Multichannel AoIP Networking three years ago together with the revamped control surface was a natural evolution to a great concept.

The request from customers for even more flexibility has led to the SPLIT version of the AEQ FORUM IP Console. The Console is now a solution with a separate Audio Engine and SPLIT Control Surface modules allowing a more ergonomically and logical installation of the console in today’s space constrained Radio Studios. The interconnection of modules and engine is a simple task and through standard shielded CAT5 Cables with RJ45 connectors. The flush-mounting of the control surface becomes very simple.

From a configuration and operational point of view, the FORUM IP SPLIT does not differ from the original self-contained version that allows installing up to 20 fader channels. The Set-up application continues being the most straightforward and simple on the market. Further, the popular SW options available such as FORUM VIRTUAL and SCREEN are supported by this new console.



NEW NETBOX 4MH. IP Audio Interface. 

In our already very wide range of AoIP multi-channel network enabled products, we will be showing the new NETBOX 4 MH, an AoIP Interface with Mic./Line Inputs and Line + Headphones Outputs.

This unit covers the need for Microphone inputs and headphone outputs for example, radio and TV studios, stage or multimedia installations. The multichannel IP connectivity (Audinate DANTE™ protocol) makes the Inputs of the unit available at any point of the network. As a complementary feature, the unit is sporting the same inputs and outputs as analogue balanced line Inputs and Outputs. Whenever used is in a Studio environment the 4 GPIO’s for signalling comes really handy.

NEW XPLORER. Wireless intercom system

The XPLORER wireless intercom system is a step further into the range of KROMA by AEQ intercoms. On this small size device equipped with a touch screen, it is possible spread out as many beltpacks as user needs. The XPLORER intercom system is based on IP technology, WiFi Roaming and Bluetooth LP with two different formats: the 16 keys Virtual Panel “XVirtual with the possibility to be installed for Windows or iOS and the Beltpack Xbp.

The Xbp adds to the performance of the XVirtual with 4 physical keys, a volume encoder, mute key and connectors for professional headset combinations. Xbp allows you to create working areas, overlap them, manage clean transitions for the end user, and all while maintaining excellent audio quality



NEW VENUS 3. IP Audiocodec.

We will show you our new version of AEQ PHOENIX VENUS, VENUS 3 IP AudioCodec that belongs to our family of products for audio communications. It comes with Dual Ethernet ports and RS232 serial ports, optional 48VDC power supplies, Additional Multichannel IP networking Connectivity using Audinate DANTE™ /AES67 protocol makes the VENUS 3 available throughout your station.

NEW SERIE LM 8000. 9”, 17” y 24” full HD Broadcast Monitors.

Finally we will also share with you the newest SERIES LM8000 Broadcast Monitors 9”17” and24”, recently add to our KROMA by AEQ monitors family with full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution for reference and signal monitoring in TV/Video production centres.

Applying the advantages of a new 10 bit processor with maximum capacity:

Improved scaling of images, interlacing and colour depth, significantly improving the linearity of the monitor. The increase in number of colours that can be represented when passing from 8 to 10 bits for each of the red, green and blue channels is significant: from 16.777.216 to 1.073.741.824.

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