At AEQ we have been developing AudioCodecs since the early 90's.

Our first codec saw the light in 1993 and was called AEQ ACD-3001. It was with today's measures a very simple and straight-forward AudioCodec for one B-channel.

The following year and after AT&T's evaluation, 700 units of the ACD-3001 were chosen to transport the commentary audio to the International Broadcast Centre in Dallas from all the venues for the FIFA world cup in the USA. For the first time in History and for an event of this size, the Commentary Audio transmissions on the National Side were integrally carried out through ISDN AudioCodecs. On the international Side Supplementary contracts was awarded to AEQ for the same type of equipment from EBU Sports (European Broadcasting Union) and were distributed throughout the World among the EBU Members and other Broadcasters that contracted this service from EBU Sports.

Since then, a lot has happened, BUT AEQ's commitment to continue providing excellent solutions for broadcasters with a need for AudioCodecs continues.

Hereunder you will find a wide range of AEQ AudioCodecs sure to meet the virtually any need for Audio communications.





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