KROMA by AEQ Intercom Systems

KROMA by AEQ Intercom Systems

Kroma has been manufacturing Intercom systems since 1996. In 2014, it became part of AEQ , thus incorporating its long audio know-how to Kroma's own experience. The catalogue we are now proud to present is a result of this fusion of technical capabilities.

When you glance through this catalogue, you will be able to understand our obsession: the integration of intercom systems into a Broadcast-quality high performance audio platform.

KROMA intercom systems are included in AEQ AoIP and TDM bus - based routing systems. In a similar way, AEQ Commentary Systems and IP Audiocodecs can be incorporated to KROMA Intercom Systems.

And all of them, as a whole, can take part on IP based audio networks with Broadcast quality, integrating devices from more than 350 manufacturers allover the world, including some of the best-regarded ones in this sector.

Further, Kroma experience has allowed for the development of tailored solutions for every need regarding intercom:

  • Intercom matrixes, from modular and redundant ones featuring thousands of ports, to more compact systems comprising tens or hundreds of them, as well as multichannel Party Line intercom systems without matrix.
  • Top quality, audio processing user panels with up to 80 keys.
  • Wireless intercom systems offering dozens of simultaneous conversations.
  • And additional connectivity elements: audiocodecs, AoIP terminals, TDM routers, Commentary Positions, Virtual user panels running on PC...

All this can be configured and remotely controlled from thoroughly developed applications, designed having in mind the needs of thousands of users. Please download our catalogue and have a look at it. If you don't


KROMA by AEQ Intercom Brochure includes the following sections:



The new ConeXia intercom system, developed by AEQ and KROMA Telecom, represents a leap forward and a new concept in regards to intercom systems as it becomes a global audio solution.

Based on a KROMA intercom master and an AEQ audio matrix, ConeXia has the capacity of up to 1024 x 1024 cross-points and is based upon a modular system of audio I/O cards.


This high-performance digital intercom matrix provides broadcast-quality audio. Depending on the version, it can incorporate up to 168 x 168 ports. 128 of them can be AoIP featuring DANTE™ technology, compatible with AES 67 standard, which can easily be connected using existing Ethernet networks through conventional hubs and switches, and offering optional redundancy. It also has 12 analog ports, 8 digital ports, and 20 AoIP ports with KROMA Standard low bit-rate, enabling the connection of wireless intercoms, ancillary equipment and KROMA series 3000, 4000 and 5000 panels. It also includes a local port for headset and a speaker. In order to provide the system with additional analog and AES/EBU digital inputs and outputs, it can be used together with compatible DANTE™ systems from more than 200 different manufacturers (AEQ NetBox, among them).


EasyNET is the new party-line system from KROMA. Based on three IP terminals (racked panel, desktop panel, and beltpack), the system offers one of the easiest configurations and installations in the market, very similar to a LAN network.

Indeed, the installation just consists of connecting all the terminals, up to 28, to a switch Ethernet, saving space, time, and money.

User Panels


Series 8000 user intercom panels have been designed to provide broadcast quality audio and to be used with the digital technology of Conexia and CrossNET matrixes. Audio is captured and processed at 48kHz, with 24 bits/sample, providing full audio bandwidth with negligible noise and distortion levels.

Ease of installation has also been taken into account, featuring a redundant IP port that handles high-quality DANTE™ -format audio and also compatible with AES 67 standard.




The new KROMA application for Android and Apple devices turns your cellphone or tablet into a fully functional intercom panel.

With 16 configurable keys, the device can work just as any KROMA IP user panel connected to a TH5000 matrix; or even as a wireless beltpack, moving freely in the WiFi network connected to a TH5000 matrix or TW5000 base station or linked to the main system with a 3G connection.


The AEQ – KROMA Wireless Intercom Systems are based on IP technology, WiFi Roaming and Bluetooth LP and with two different formats: the 16 keys Virtual Panel “XVirtual with the possibility to be installed for Windows or iOS and the Beltpack X BP. The X BP adds to the performance of the XVirtual with 4 physical keys, a volume encoder, mute key and connectors for professional headset combination.

Kroma Intercom Equipment



The TH5000 hybrid matrixes from KROMA are the heart of the new generation of KROMA hybrid intercom systems.

By integrating audio sources of different nature (analogue, digital and Voice-over-IP), the unit can natively host a wide range of signals, like audio from CCUs, user panels and wireless beltpacks.

TH5000 Brochure


In only 1RU high and with analogue and digital audio nativelly integrated, the TB3000 from KROMA represents an affordable option for small and medium-sized intercom systems, with the advantages of a matrix-based design and state-of-the art digital technology.

The TB3000 is available in 2 different sizes with 12 and 20 ports (see attached chart). It is possible to upgrade from the small to the large version with just a password license.

TB3000 Brochure


The TW5000 Kroma WiFi intercom base stations host wireless networks with up to 16 beltpacks.

Based on WIFI standard, it allows the use of commercial TCP/IP networks and equipments. While offering a reliable service, it requires no special licence. The 1UR TW5000 is the perfect solution keeping in mind future system needs; its three different versions for 4, 8 and 16 beltpacks are upgradeable by software.

TW5000 Brochure

User Panels


The TP5000 series panels represent KROMA’s top range of user terminals. With 4 different audio ports, these state-of-the-art user panels can be connected to up to 3 different intercom systems simultaneosly.

However, what makes these panels stand out is the user interface. Each crosspoint key is actually an independent graphic LCD, which can display two lines of text and is completely configurable in colour, brightness and function.

TP5000 Brochure

IP Linkers


The IP linkers, specially useful with ConeXia, TB7000 and TB3000 systems, turn digital ports into IP ports. They may be used for remote panel connections (with an IP-capable user panel) or matrix linking (IP ports should be available at both matrix ends).

They are provided with 4 analogue ports and 4, 8 or 16 digital and IP ports, depending on model.

IL5000 Brochure

Interfaces for digital ports


The interface frames are connected to the digital ports in a KROMA matrix to allow external audio sources into the talkback system.

Two different frames are available, with 2 and 6 cards capacities (12 in double-rear configuration). TR7000 provided with redundant PSU.

The interfaces available range from additional 4-wires or 2-wires audio ports, telephone and GSM, as well as ISDN. Check the list on the right for further info.

TR7000 Brochure


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