Live Crossmapper

Live Crossmapper

Live CrossMapper is a multi-user tool that enable an easy online management of the matrix, allowing the reconfiguration of the intercom panels’ keyboard without any influence for the rest of users that don’t requite constantly setup changes.


XPT Manager

It is impossible to foresee all the possible situations. That’s why Live CrossMapper offers an easy, quick and user-friendly way to make online crosspoints between any panels or interfaces within our system. A simple mouse click will generate a new crosspoint.


XPT Viewer

A fast an easy way to check the summary of the communications established with our matrix. A complete listing of our panels, the currently established cross-points, their setup and the audio levels currently programmed or modified. In essence, this tool provides a full control of our communications in a single screen.



Intercom panels are no longer static: communications changing their destinations, live contribution changes…They need different setups in the same production, without affecting the rest of the panels. That’s why we created reconfigurable hotkeys that allows us to quickly change assignments and tasks.



The number of coordination circuits, generation of N-1 circuits, and management of return feeds always makes a setup operation complicated. Live Crossmapper turns into an essential tool as it provides a special screen for their management, that can be performed with just two mouse clicks.


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