LM 8000 series

LM 8000 series

New 9”, 18,5” and 24” broadcast monitors from KROMA BY AEQ family with FULL-HD resolution for test and measurement of signals in video and television production centers.
Takes advantage of a new processor able to output a video signal with the number of bits required by any FULL HD screen available in the market without bit truncation of the SDI input video signal.
Improved Color depth of the displayed images, significantly improving the linearity of the monitor as well as the quantity of colors it can manage. The number of different colors that can be reproduced grows from 16.777.216 to 1.073.741.824.
Better scaling of the input images when their resolution is not Full HD. The increase in number of processing bits means that the displayed images will have better defnition and clarity.
Better de-interlacing of the video signal, as there are more bits per pixel and memory available to store and process the images. Conversion from interlaced to progressive, required to show this kind of images on available displais will also translate into a better definition and sharpness.
Dual Input, Dual Output: double video processor embedded into a single chip, able to show two identical images in parallel on the display (PbP) with the same type of de-interlacing and scaling.
  • Remote control of the monitors via Ethernet using the new, second generation, remote control software for PC.
  • Color configuration by password protected menu, with several user memories and technical presets.
  • Color temperature selection: 5500K, 6500K and 9300K.
  • Audio de-embedding from SDI (16 channels) and digital component input (stereo).
  • Vu-meter display for up to 16 channels with several different scales (dBFS, BBC, DIN, Nordic, STD, NA, FRA, EBU).
  • Phase-meter showing the phase relation between each stereo audio pair.
  • PIP, PBP, PBP A and PBP H functions.
  • Waveform (Y Cb Cr) y vectorscope display.
  • Luma check, false color and focus-assist.


Auto-calibration of the monitor colors by connecting a color probe and ColourSpace Kroma specific control software of LightIllusion. This calibration generates 3D LUT (look up tables) exclusive for each monitor in order to correct all non-linearity inherent to the display manufacturing process. With this ColourSpace software it's possible to generate SDR and HDR colour spaces (HLG, PQ, BT709, BT2020...) for all LM8000 sizes.      

Software options and prices here.  



  • Mosquito filter to improve the display clarity of already compressed images.
  • Menu and TSL-protocol configurable IMD.
  • TimeCode.
  • Several aspect ratios: 4:3,16:9, Auto, Native, 1:1.
  • Various formats of Markers with several levels of transparency and colors: 4:3, 21:9, 16:9, 15:9, 14:9, 13:9, 2.39:1, 2.35:1,1.896:1, 1.85:1 and 1.66:1.
  • Safe Area: 80%, 85%, 88%, 90%,93%.
  • Center Marker with three selectable sizes.
  • Sharpness, delay, scan, inverted image.
  • Freeze mode.
  • Layout mode that allows the user to analyze, clearly and within a single window, the different parameters of the video signal as well as the possible auxiliary data.
  • Close Caption CC608(VBI), CC608(ANC) and CC708.
  • DualSplit mode.
  • Internal video pattern generation.
  • Different Gamut selection: BT.709, SMPTE-C, EBU, NTSC, D-Cinema and RGB. Internal power supply.

REF: LM8009

 9" Monitor 

REF: LM8018

 18,5" FULL HD Monitor 

REF: LM8024

 24" Monitor 


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