New NETBOX 4MH interface has been designed to cover the need for high quality microphone inputs and headphone outputs availability outputs, for example in radio and TV studios, stage or multimedia installations. The multichannel IP connectivity (Audinate DANTE™ protocol) makes the Inputs of the unit available at any point of the network.

NETBOX 4MH interface also includes 4 General Purpose inputs and outputs (GPIO) as interfaces for signaling transport between the different devices in the IP network. As a complementary feature, the unit is supporting the same inputs and outputs as analogue balanced line Inputs and Outputs.

Further, the new interface has additional GPIOs that can be used in for example a studio installation and as an interface to signaling terminals such as the AEQ SRC 03. This greatly facilitates the implementation of services such as remote CUE and Cough-cut, User keys, ON AIR and READY lights, etc.

Technical specifications
  • Channels: 4 microphone-line input, 4 line outputs, in parallel with 4 stereo headphone outputs. Mute and gain control between +12 and -30 dB, individually or in stereo pairs.
  • 48V Phantom Power supply and electronic balancing for all microphone inputs.
  • Data format: DANTE Audio-over-IP technology.
  • Scalable and flexible network topology supporting a wide range of audio transmitters and receivers.
  • Supports 100Mbps, 1 Gbps and 10 Gbps network segments.
  • 2 x RJ45, 100 BASE-T Ethernet ports with galvanic isolation, usable as “daisy chain” connections.
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