Standalone commentary unit (CU), or AoIP connected with 8 channels via DanteTM protocol. Scalable architecture: simple routing to DanteTM IP devices; integrated in IP intercom system, or connected to IP commentary system matrix. 

Standalone mono or stereo sound mixer with mixing, routing, tone and dynamics control. 3 commentator inputs and a dual-mono or stereo line level input. Listening of 8 remote and 2 local sources.

  • Operates as an intercom panel at the same time as a Commentary Unit.
  • Configurable as interpreter desk up to three languages. 
  • 3 1Gigabit IP ports per unit for redundancy, daisy chain and auxiliary data or video transport.
  • Dual power supply: 48VDC via PoE or external local power supply.
  • Software Configuration and remote control.
  • Rugged and ergonomic mechanics, suitable for indoors and outdoors locations.

Olympia 3 represents a breakthrough in Commentary Systems, providing greater flexibility and adaptability to different event sizes. This way, Olympia 3 has been designed to suit large events with hundreds of commentary positions at the same venue, as well as more modest installations where it may operate as a stand-alone unit or in an OB Van linked to an AoIP Intercom System.


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