All AEQ-Kroma Intercom systems use a CrossMapper software for the setup. This software provides a user-friendly graphical interface and also offers a powerful setup capabilities, allowing total access to the setup, care and control of the system.

Setting up crosspoints with Crossmapper

The Crossmapper PC software simplifies the installation of KROMA intercom systems by means of an intuitive graphical interface.

The user has simple access to the configuration of each terminal in the system, with different options for each key as well as additional functions such as groups, telephone dialing, IFBs, etc.

Once created, the map can be loaded in any of the 8 memory slots of the matrix via Ethernet or using the USB front port, and it can be activated without drop of the actual communications in a way that is transparent to the users.  Crossmapper also allows the supervision of each communication and terminal at any moment, as well as query a comprehensive events register.


Configurable audio levels

KROMA intercom matrixes provide independent input and output gain controls for the crosspoint of each audio source. This way, it is very simple to compensate differences in level among different devices, users, etc..



The matrixes are compatible with calls and dialing used in Public Switched Telephone Network, ISDN or GSM (SIM card based). A rack-mounted chassis and the adequate interface cards are the only things required. This way, Crossmapper allows you to assign a phone number to a given key, so calls are dialed and received from that user in a fast way.



Thanks to the Groups menu in Crossmapper, several users can be grouped so a communication can be established with all of them at the same time, vary their audio levels, etc, but always preserving individual control on each one.


Keys configuration

Thanks to Crossmapper intuitive graphical interface, it gets very simple to setup the destination of each key, the communication type (one or both directions, with third-parties, etc.), the operation of the key (latching, push-to-talk or mixed), and the audio levels of the involved ports.



IFBs (Interrupted Foldback) are assigned crosspoints that are interrupted due to an event: for example, an incoming, outgoing or third-party call, etc. The system offers different IFB possibilities implemented in the matrix and configured in the Crossmapper software.  The different modes include from a complete cut to progressive attenuation levels of the involved audio systems. IFB can be used with any device connected to the system, and no additional hardware is required to implement this function.



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