True Black Series

True Black Series

The TRUEBLACK series from KROMA is based on a new generation of LCD screens with IPS-Pro technology. Developed originally for medical applications, this technology provides a better display of black, improved uniformity of colours and better performance in wide angles.

These features, close to those of a reference monitor, make these monitors suitable for applications that require high performance screens, such as camera control. The monitors are also prepared for new generation facilities, with password upgradable 3G-SDI inputs.

Deeper black levels
One of the main advantages of the IPSPro technology is the improvement of the performance of black. The traditional dark grey effect of LCD displays gives way to a much deeper black level, getting close to CRT performance. The black level is indeed 32% darker* when compared to stardard LCD screens.

Improved uniformity
IPS-Pro technology improves the displayed uniformity of large areas, which is specially noticeable in black areas and in wider viewing angles.

Wider colour gamut
An improved performance of colour reproduction provides a faithful display of signals, fitting the different colour spaces used in broadcast.

All the functions from the LM7000 series
The TrueBLACK monitors include all the functions from the LM7000 series:

  • Wide range of inputs including DVI-I, DCI, PAL, SD/HD/3G-SDI
  • Waveform, vectorscope, hiustogram
  • Audio monitoring, with 16 channels and phase indicator
  • Dynamic IMD and tally
  • Camera control tools
  • Layouts
  • Dual split


17" Monitor 


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