AoIP routing system

X_CORE is AEQ’s fifth generation of large digital audio routing matrices for broadcast and intercom applications. It has been designed for highly intensive workflows in the most demanding environments.


Operating as a general purpose audio routing-matrix, as an intercom matrix or combining both functionalities together, it can handle audio channels associated with IP video streams or embedded into SDI digital video signals.

The X_Core fully covers the needs for audio routing, distribution, contribution, program production and intercom at Broadcast and Production Centers or other locations where broadcast quality routing matrices are required. 

It can also operate as the audio engine of an ATRIUM mixer or set of mixing consoles.

Each matrix consists in one or several frames and can handle up to 1024 audio inputs and outputs. It is fully modular and redundant at all levels.Combined with the TITAN concentrator, a matrix with up to 5080 x 5080 channels can be configured.

 width=Further, through 64-channel AoIP input/output cards it is possible to integrate DanteTM / AES67 protocol compatible devices.

An X_CORE frame can incorporate as many Dante AoIP cards as required, and they can be connected to one or several separate Gigabit Ethernet networks. Also, audio ows accompanying SMPTE ST 2110-30 IP video signals can be ingested and generated.

AoIP can also be integrated in the system using a specific, RAVENNA-AES67 protocol compatible card. This card has the input/output capacity of 128 channels and allows to connect third party devices with these protocols. As in the case of the Dante compatible cards, an X_CORE frame can have as many

RAVENNA AoIP cards installed as required connected to one or several separate Gigabit Ethernet networks. 




It can also ingest and generate audio flows accompanying SMPTE ST 2110-30 and SMPTE ST 2110-31 IP video signals with NMOS control.

Finally, dual SDI cards with two inputs and two outputs, 2 x 16 audio inputs and outputs per card, allows de-embed and embed audio signals from/into SDI signals.

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