Xbp and Xvirtual

Xbp and Xvirtual

Xplorer is the perfect combination for your Intercom System. It is a communications system based on Xvirtual, an application for iOS and Windows devices with the same functionality that can be found in an Intercom Panel. 

The application can be installed on a PC turning it into a User Panel and part of your Intercom System, only requiring a simple Ethernet connection.

In the same way, it can turn any Apple iPhone, iPod or iPad device into a Wireless Intercom Panel. 

Just connect it to a Wi-Fi network providing access to a Conexia or Crossnet Intercom System to build your Wireless Beltpack System. 

Taking full advantage of what this technology provides, a dedicated hardware terminal has been designed and becomes an advanced Beltpack with features you couldn’t find before in any existing wireless terminal.


Xbp Panel

Xbp is a hardware intercom panel based on 5GHz WiFi technology. It combines the engine of the Xplorer application management with the processing and connectivity of an Apple iPod with iOS. It features 4 physical keys that provide quick access to the 16 possible communication channels that are displayed on the main screen. It features volume and mute controls as well as an indicator showing the charge status of the booster battery.


Xbp Panel


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