AEQ Video and Audio Novelties for 2020 09/06/2020

AEQ Video and Audio Novelties for 2020


Here is a summary of our video and audio novelties for 2020.

ATRIUM nueva consola digital de audio

ATRIUM Digital Audio Console

Specially designed for on-air audio production for Radio and Television with high demand operational requirements and workflows.

ATRIUM can manage up to 1000 audio channels of local content or AoIP controllable through one or several control surfaces, each with up to more than 90 motorized faders with pages for snapshots or memories.

In addition to analog and digital inputs and outputs in various formats, it handles AoIP inputs and outputs in DANTE, AES 67, SMPTE 2110-30 and SMPTE 2110-31 formats.



Xplorer Wireless Intercom

Wireless intercom user panel based on 5 GHz WiFi. Its dimensions and weight are reduced, it has a battery autonomy for 20 hours of work and it can be charged on a multi-beltpack charging station.

Now, in addition to working associated to intercom matrices, it can work autonomously as a 4-channel Party-Line system terminal that can also be configured to include both rackmopunted and desktop User panels.


XPLORER nuevas prestaciones
X_core matriz de audio


 X_CORE  IP Audio Matrix

This is a completely modular, redundant at all levels, summing and distribution routing matrix and processing systemr. Up to 5,120 x 5,120 circuits.

It works as a general purpose audio matrix, as an intercom audio matrix, or with multiple and combined functionalities. It also works as the engine of an ATRIUM console or set of consoles.

Supports audio over IP in Dante, AES 67, SMPTE ST 2110-30 and SMPTE ST 2110-31 formats among others.



Video Link 4K

Olympia 3 is a digital commentary unit with AoIP Dante connectivity including Intercom user panel functionality. Now through VIDEOLINK 4K, incorporates IP Video.

VIDEOLINK 4K consist of an encoder and a decoder: Each encoder provides a video channel that is packaged and made available to the IP network, becoming available to the Olympia 3 commentary unit. On the Olympia 3 the Video channel can be taken from the available IP port and sent to the Decoder unit that in turn provides the signal to the video monitor.



Video Link 4K
HDR y Luminosidad en monitores LM9000


LM9000 Video Monitors

Monitors for working in UHD/4K environments. They reproduce 4K signals in "SINGLE" and "QUAD-LINK" both in "SQUARE DIVISION" and "2-SI" formats.  They include HDR technology. They have different waveform and vectorscope displays.

Now, in the 24" and 31" sizes, we offer high brightness screen versions.




LM8000 Video Monitors

Monitors for FHD environments. With waveform and vectorscope displays, also with "Dual Input Dual Output", incorporates, among other inputs, the option of an SFP module to incorporate SMPTE 2022 Video over IP

LM8000 series incorporate now HDR technology to achieve high contrast, brightness and sharpness video playback.



HDR y Luminosidad en monitores LM8000


For more detailed information on one of our great new releases, AEQ Atrium, we invite you to watch the following video:  




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