AEQ will present its audio and communication products at ISE 2024, Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, STAND 4H730 31/01/2024

AEQ will present its audio and communication products at ISE 2024, Barcelona from January 30 to February 2, STAND 4H730

AEQ returns with its stand to the ISE, to show its solutions: AoIP Dante, Intercom, Multiconference, audio transport and reportage, among others.


AEQ has been developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality audio, video and communications systems for professional environments, such as radio, television, audiovisual and multimedia production and broadcasting for more than 40 years.

Its range includes: analogue, digital and IP audio equipment, intercom, multiconferencing and audio transport systems, high-quality video monitors, storage and automation of audio broadcasting.

It develops audio and communications systems on demand. For example, AEQ has been present with equipment and support at international sporting events such as the Tokyo 2020 Summer Games and Beijing 2022 Winter Games, participating in the audio broadcast of those events around the world.

AEQ is headquartered in Madrid, Spain, with offices in Barcelona, the United States, Mexico, Portugal, and India.

The selection of equipment from its catalogue of the most relevant for system integrators is presented at ISE:


With IP technology, cabling, simple without matrix, or more complex that include an audio matrix. Also wireless or mixed, with wired terminals and other wireless terminals. All on a local network, or distributed across multiple locations. And with the ability to organize the distribution and listening to orders so that no one misses anything, or is distracted by messages that do not concern them.

• Xpeak. A global intercom without a matrix for local or offshoring work 

• Crossnet. Compact Intercom Matrix  

• Connection. Redundant Intercom matrix up to 1000 channels

• TP9000, TP8000 and Xpeak. Wired User Panels for Conexia and Crossnet Systems 

◦ Xplorer. Wireless intercom system, stand-alone or compatible with the above.



Analog audio converters for mic, line and headphones, or digital USB or AES/EBU to audio over IP. Even commentary units adapted to the greater demands imposed by the broadcasting of the biggest sporting and social events. Audio arrays with inputs and outputs in multiple analog, digital, IP, embedded video formats, and with the most disparate dimensions, from 64 inputs and outputs, to more than 5,000.

◦ Netbox 32 AD/4MH. Analog and digital audio access interfaces to the IP network 

◦ Olympia 3. Commentator Unit for Event Broadcasts

◦ Netbox DSP and 32 AD MX. Audio arrays with AoIP connectivity 

◦ X_core. Multi-format modular audio matrix with up to 5000 inputs and outputs



Based on HD VoIP systems that allow the conversation of correspondents located in different places to be organized, individually, or in rooms of any size, autonomously, or within an intercom system, and for internal use, or for broadcast by a PA or broadcast system.

    ◦ SYSTEL IP 16 IP Telephony System with High Quality Audio Connectivity


In various formats for different uses, but always with excellent audio quality and minimal lag: For personal, portable and stationary use.

◦ TALENT, Audiocodec for personal use with Bluetooth connectivity

◦ MERCURY, Stationary Audiocodec for Point-to-Point Links 

◦ ALIO, Dual-Channel Portable Audiocodec for Complex Broadcasts

◦ VENUS 4, Dual Stationary Audiocodec for Point-to-Point Links


Among the equipment shown, the Xpeak intercom system stands out,  prepared for remote production

It supports up to 28 user terminals in a variety of form factors: desktop, rack, wired beltpack, wireless beltpack, and PC applications, which can be connected to each other with the greatest operational flexibility and without the need for an array.

In addition, this connection is easy even if the teams are in different locations, simply by giving them access to the internet.  This makes it easy to set up the coordination of remote productions. 

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