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AEQ does not only provide products and standard customer services. The complexity of a customer’s system might require additional installation, integration, and training services.  AEQ is capable of providing complete turnkey projects.  We leverage our vast experience and ingenuity in the engineering, assembly, and installation process to overcome the demands of any project - no matter how complex it may be.

On each project, we fully collaborate with our distributors dealers, end users, as well third parties. When AEQ provides a turnkey installation, your station benefits from getting the most cost effective, best quality, most reliable, and best after-sales service / support in the industry – bar none.  

  • AEQ is an ISO 9001 certified company, and is registered in the Telecommunications Installer’s Data Base.
  • AEQ has specialized in providing the broadcast industry with professional audio equipment, systems, and services for the past 30 years.
  • AEQ prides itself on providing our end users with the best possible system at the best possible price - large scale economy is our speciality.
  • AEQ provides professional grade audio systems and services to broadcasters in over 40 countries, spanning several continents – directly, and via our vast distribution network.

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AEQ installed its ARENA digital consoles to meet the needs of the eight studios (one of which is double), as well as four booths plus one digital audio matrix with 1024x1024 inputs and outputs, for the new Basque Country Self-governing Community radio (EiTB) facilities.

During an initial training period for the operators and managers, an ARENA console was delivered with a BC-2000 D routing / distributing digital audio matrix. In the selection of this equipment, all the bidders had to conduct a three-day series of tests through which they were to make practical demonstrations of compliance with 90 technical requirements in order to be type approved and thus be allowed to submit their tenders.

In the final installation, nine studios were equipped with different configurations: autocontrol, studio control, recording, disconnections, etc.

All of the configurations share signals with the central control matrix located more than 130 meters away, through MADI multichannel links and AES reserve lines. The configuration responds to all the specific requests made by EiTB: reserve configuration, integration with UMD systems, alarm system, digital monitors and microphones, automating systems remotes, etc.

Similarly, 40 ISDN encoders are shared thanks to the Systel 6000 system, with Systelset studio intercom stations. Other accessory equipment was included, such as self-amplified AM-03 monitors and SCR-03 studio boxes.

AEQ executed the production center start-up, training and configuration within the time it had estimated for these operations.
Project Manager Mr. Koldo Lizarralde and the Chief of the Technical Services of Radio Euskadi Mr. Goio Torrontegui, has sent a mail expressing their satisfaction with the equipment and estimating the professionalism, dedication and availability demonstrated in the installation, start-up and adjustments.

The prestigious Producción Profesional magazine has written an interesting technical article about this installation: If you want to read it, please click here!

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